Dads with 2.0s

Started in a circle with planking and a very short disclaimer. 2.0s Learned a few moves and we began with some Burpees for the late comers.


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, TTT, and Sit-Ups. Dads lined up in plank for Tunnel of Love. 2.0s low crawled through, then the Dads turn to crawl. The tunnel collapsed, to no surprise to the Q.

The Thang

Mosey to field by way of the Block Pile. Bases setup and rules laid out. No throwing out 2.0s by Dads and Dads must Drag 60lb sandbags or farmer carry 2 blocks between bases. After 2 innings, no winners were declared and the sandbag Drag was modified to a 2.0 riding as Dad drug it. Switching up to one round of Cluck Chicken. Team 1 threw frisbee and circled for duck-duck style laps. Team 2 ran to Frisbee and lined up for over-under. When completed, yell Chicken!! I doubt this will be repeated.


20 Total with 5 FNGs to name (2.0), Pledge, Prayer (And we totally suck at getting pictures!)

2.0 PAX= Dugout, Pony Girl, Vader, Clinger, POP Kick, Tiger Eye, Dory, Epic, Dress Shoes, Blue Gill, Pom Pom, Pug, Tumbler

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