RH Metal to Metal Pool Q

Happy Memorial Day!

5 braved the heat and water to conquer the gloom @teddybear @flipper (not fair in the pool) @trophy @primary @doobie

COP: 27 4ct morrocan night club jacks, mosey 1 mile to Buckhead East pool.

Thang: 3 laps as quick as possible 4 stations: 10 wet burpees; 27 4ct flutter kicks in water; 27 Merlins on pool edge; 27 dips. Must butterfly kick between dips and burpees. Also, if you get by spikeball, 10 Merlins.

15 min ultimate frisbee in pool with three 10-Merlin penalty spikeballs.

Numbers, Memorial Day moment of remembrance; COT – go get it! Keep William Oliver and momma Jessica in your prayers; near approach to arrival date!

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