She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

Clear and a warm 75 with the AO already set up. 10 PAX to start and 2 showed up late for five group burpees each. Disclaimer in a plank, then two dive bombers. Imperial Walkers and Chinooks for warmup. Flyover rule in effect.

PAX split up into four groups of three, one for each station.

Station 1: Today we welcomed a new coupon to our stash–a very large and heavy tractor tire. As today’s timer, PAX had to get the tire from the starting point to the second lightpole (later, the first island) by any means except rolling it. Upon return, groups rotated.

Station 2: AMRAP of burpees (during the tire’s outbound leg) and SSHs (on the return.

Station 3: AMRAP boxcutters (outbound) and LBCs (return).

Station 4: Abyss merkins (outbound) and squat thrusts with a cindy (return).

One flyover occurred, so the five burpees were executed upon return at the flag.

Countarama and namearama. FNG Mullet named and welcomed to the group. Reminder for JCB mud run. Pledge and prayer. Dismissed.

Today was loosely modeled after the first F3 workout YHC attended. Overall this went much smoother than my first Q. I promised lots of burpees and today delivered there. For next time, maybe some more leg work.

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