Bearpees, blocks,and a short story

14 Pax set the weekend off right by beating the fart sack at the Pooler AO and are better for it. Disclaimer given, YHC has no training or certification. Don’t hurt yourself or the person next to you. Special call out to some who push the boundaries (Swabbie)


MNC, TTT, Wind Mills, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers. All In cadence with 15 reps ish.

The Thang

Bearpees. Do three steps of a bear crawl and one burpee, three more bear crawls and two burpees, keep adding until five burpee reps completed. Lost of mumble chatter to begin with, quickly faded after about 3 reps.

Mosey to pick up 7 cindys. Paired up for modified Greta 1-2-3. (Dora’s ugly cousin). Complete 100 KB swings, 200 Cindy Curls, and 300 Goblet squats with Cindy hitting the ground each rep as a team. One pax lunge to peninsula and run back while other pax is working on Greta. Somewhere near the middle YHC called to switch from lunges to run to peninsula and perform 20 SSH and run back. All Pax worked hard. Once the first team was finished, they picked up the six and helped another team finish they’re reps. Return cindys and mosey back to the flag.

Time enough for a short story with a few Merkins. Near revolt among the group as some pax remembered the last story YHC told. This one was shorter and involved Forrest Gump going to heaven.


Pledge , pray, and on our way.


Welcome FNG Bogie. Bogie was EH’d by Stripes. Nice work! If you want to know the story line workout, then you’ll just have to post with us to find out. Good number of pax today. Still need to reach out and get some of the ones back in the fold. Plant, Grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Flat Tire out.

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