June Fun Run

First Monday of every month, Pooler participates in it’s monthly benchmark workout, which was misleadingly titled the Fun Run. There is running, but it is most definitely not fun. YHC disclaimed the I for one has to prepare physically and mentally for this workout, at least 2 days in advance.


MRN, Chinooks, 4-ct Squats, Merkins, LBCs, and Mtn. Climbers. All I/C and previewing what was to come. Mosey to Blocks and 1 block assigned per PAX. Mosey the 1/4 mile track with Block, stopping at each station for brief explanation.

The Thang

Start at Station 1 with 10 Burpees and 10 LBCs. Sprint to Station 2 for 20 Squats with block and 20 LBCs. Sprint to Station 3 for 30 Merkins and 30 LBCs. Sprint to Station 4 for 40 Mtn. Climbers and 40 LBCs. All this is timed for 20 minutes to see how many stations one completes. Completing the LBCs completes that station and the count is in 1/4 laps. This is not a race between PAX members, but a race against yourself. Each are trying to improve their distance. It is a tough workout and pushes all PAX members, each at their own level.


Counterama, Namerama while in a Canoe. Announcements, Pledge, Prayer


Each person pushed hard, and I heard at least 1 PR set, which is difficult to do. I’m glad we do this each month and hope that others will push past a PR in the coming months.

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