Pooler Rocks!!

15 PAX posted in 100% humidity and 75 degrees on a Wednesday morning.

Circled up for warm-ups to get the sweat flowing.

Ran an Indian Run around the entire parking lot with 2 sets of Railroad Tracks thrown in. Dragged out butts back to the flag for the thang.

The Thang: circled up for various exercises as determined by our Pooler Rocks. We added a couple of jump ropes into the rotation. Each PAX performed the exercise as long as the timer was going. Timer? A new 60 lb sled with a 100′ rope was introduced and acted as the timer.

COT: Prayers for Mullet’s coworkers son who blew out a knee and was having serious surgery. Mud Run coming up. Sign up for Go Ruck.

Quikrete has the Q on Friday. See yall then!

PAX: Doorjam, Airball, Crazybone, Tumbleweed, Mullet, Honker, French, Whamo, PuttPutt, Swabbie, Quikrete, Flattire, DQ, BC, Clog

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