Running with heavy things

5 Pax met up at Daffin Park for some D-Day recognition and hard work.


Windmills, TTT, Chinooks, MNC’s, all in cadence in random reps. 5 bonus Burpees.

The Thang

YHC wanted to replicate some of the things a soldier may have done on D-Day. First up was carrying something heavy as a team. We used the PVC filled pole weighing about 40 lbs. Line up with the leader carrying the weight (M60). Take off running with pax in pursuit. Last pax had to run a full circle around the group and retrieve the M60 from the leader. After the exchange ( at full stride) the pax originally carrying the M60 went to second position and the last one started the circle. Ran around the park until all pax had carried the M60 a few times and returned to the flag.

Next up was low crawl. Pax got into a line with high plank. The  last PAX low crawled under the rest of the pax until he reached the front. Rotate through until all pax had low crawled several times.

Getting the wounded off the field came next. One pax was designated as wounded and the remaining 4 had to carry him off the field. Being the wounded one sounds easier, but holding a tight core while each limb is being carried was harder than you think. Keep on until all pax had been carried once.

YHC called for the Quarter pounder next. 5 burpees, run to a cone, 25 merkins, run backwards to start, 5 burpees, run to next cone, 50, LBC’s, run backwards to start, 5 Burpees, next cone was 75 mountain climbers with the last cone being 100 SSH. Repeat cycle x 2.

Ran centipede style through the parking post barriers for some agility training. Return to flag. One round of Mary by each pax. Flutter kicks, Freddie Mercs, Boat/Canoe, Plank and reach to the sky each side, and one more YHC cant remember.


Pledge Pray and on our way


This was YHC’s first trip to the Daffin AO. Thanks Doughboy for letting me Q. Good to see Two Pack. He’s at every non Pooler AO event I’ve been to I think. Welcome back Madoff. Very thankful for the men and women who took part in the D-Day invasion. Without them we would be a occupied country now. Also very thankful for being part of this fine group of men of F3Savannah. Flat Tire out.

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