Lakeside with a Coupon

Four dared the gloom: @trophy @salmonella @primary @doobie

COP: 16 4ct morrocan jacks IC, 16 4ct mountain climbers, 10 4ct squats, and planks.

Thang; find your coupon. With coupon overhead walk to lake trail. 25 merkins, 50 imperial walkers with knees to coupon, 25 American hammers, 50 steps overhead with 2 lunges every 10; 25 coupon dips; 50 imperial walkers. Continued with 50-100 steps with 25ct core excercise around lake until 6:05. Ran with coupon back to COT.

Namorama, pledge, COT. Great job Fellas! #HappyMonday

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