Pooler Loading the Scaffold

By YHC Honker June 10th 2019

11 PAX Posted on a Monday AM. Lots of Good Humidity. BC, DQ, Flattire, Swabbie, Whamo, DoughBoy, Gilligan, Radar, Backstreet, Brady Bunch Honker.

Circled up for a Quick warn up. Plank, Chinooks, Maroc night Club, Thought the Tunnel, Imperial Walkers

Mosey pass a HD bucket to our Cindy’s

The Thang: Circled up with our Cindy’s for 5 Little Itmes to do.

Merks, Side Plank w/ knees, Load the scaffold w/ Cindy Left, Load the Scaffold w/ Cindy Right, Squats w/ cindy and Over head press. All for 1 minute 12 sec transition between each. Then a 3:30 Rest / Run around the parking lot with 5 Merks at each HD bucket. Then Rinse and Repeat Twice. We had to cut the 3RD cycle by (2) due to time.

Back to the Flag circle w/ 10 Merks at the HD bucket. Then Gilligans world famous Boat / Canoe DONT HOLD YOUR KNEES He says.

COT- Prayers for Radars daughter as she travles to the Philippines. Swabbie’s church is hosting a massive Summer Camp for Many 2.O, Mud run and tomorrow is speed work.

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