Primary Led Lake Healing

Back Blast, 6/14/19 – Flag Day (and the Army’s 244th Birthday!) The FNG in-laws chickened out but the day was still won by those who made it.

4 Mighty Warriors emerged from the gloom (@Doobie, @Trophy, @Shaker, @Primary) to seize the day. Started with warm ups: 12x of:
-Moroccan night clubs
-Imperial walkers
-Mountain climbers
And 2+4+4 (do the math) Merkens

Then moseyed to the lake for “Indian Run” aka “Next Man/Person/Mammal Up”.
Bench stops for:
25 dips, 25 Backwards lunges, 25 Burpees, 25 2/4-count flutter kicks, 25 decline push ups, 25 2/4-count Freddie Mercuries.
Made it around 2x. Nailed by the donut rule x1 to add to the pain on burpees.
Namearama, pledge, prayer.

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