Upper Body BURN!!!

11 pax posted to feel the BURN Monday 6/17!!  Nothing like starting Monday w/ some pain to endure the rest of the week!!!


Started with a plank/disclaimer followed by Dive Bombers, TT Tunnels, Imperial Walkers, Chinooks and Mirican Night Clubs all in cadence in random reps.

The Thang

Mosey to pick up the cinder blocks….. circled up and began the BURN!  Stated with 40 curls followed by 20 dips using the block and 10 rows (each arm).  Once the pax finished, we ran our parking lot which is about 1/4 mile.  We rinsed and repeated this until 6:10.  Some completed every exercise and set, but most went until failure, not quite to the end!


Finished with an update on the mud run from the weekend, Father’s Day and Pledge / prayer by @radar for the group.

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