Pail Of Opportunity

The Scene: 76 Plus and Humid 7/03/2019

Disclaimer / some warm ups and off to get the Cindy’s

Tha-Thang:  With in the Pail are (6) Sticks each with (3) Exercises on them and one blue side. A PAX chooses a stick and flips it. We do the set amount of reps for that exercise. The Blue side lands up we do all (3) exercise on that stick. Between each PAX choosing we run F3 suicide sprints. First light pole and one burpee, 2nd light pole two burpees, third light pole three burpees. We made it through all 6 sticks. We did get blue once.

Count-off & Name -O- rama: 18 PAX Counting YHC (Honker) DQ, Radar, DoughBoy, Tumbleweed, Bogey, Woohoo, Wham-O, Flat Tire, Frenchie, (FNG- Sprout), BC, Bread Crumb, Nutmeg, Boucher, Noodles, Door Jam, Mullett.

Pledge, Prayer Requests, COT.

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