Soggy Blimpy Legs

17 Pax posted for a humid leg workout and some blimps. Some sprayed down with bug repellant since the Misquitos were extra hungry in the gloom.

Plank with disclaimer, right into Plank jacks in cadence x15. Chinooks, TTT, Don Quixote, SSH, Imperial Walkers. All in Cadence and at some random rep count.

Mosey to back parking lot. Perform LT Dan until YHC had enough. Return with 5 count Bearpees then 50 LBC’s. Next up was BLIMPS. Burpee x 5, Lunge each leg x 10, Imperial Walkers x15 , Merkins x 20, Plank jack x 25 and Squats x 30. Between each exercise, run to light pole and back. 50 more LBC’s. Rinse and repeat.

All paxline up behind Betty Crocker who is training for the Grow Ruck event coming up by wearing his ruck at the workout. Betty Crocker takes off moseying and we run Indian style up behind him and push his ruck down while he sets the pace. Moseyed back to flag for Mary. Flutter kicks, box cutters, Hello Dolly.

Welcomed and named FNG MRE or Mr E. MRE lives a few doors down from our long missing brother @deuce. We hope he recovers soon from Plantar Fascitits. Pledge, Pray, and on our way.

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