1800 Yards of Sticks & Cindy’s

19 Posted for morning fun 7-17-19

Circle up at the Flag in plank for the disclaimer. Warm up: 10 Chinooks, 10 Moroccan Night Club, 10 Walkers, 10 Thur the tunnel, 29 SSH

Mosey to the Cindy’s

The Thang:

1800 yards set out with 6 stations, 150 yards apart. Station 1 Curl with over head press, Station 2 Load the scaffold with the cindy, Station 3 Squat press with Cindy. Left cindy here will get her on the way back. Station 4 LBC, Station 5 WWII, Station 6 Mountain Climbers.

The Work:

Each PAX carried a Cindy to the first 3 Stations. Swabbie & BC also had Weighted Rucks. We held plank at each station until all PAX made it. Then performed 1 Merk at station 1 in cadence, then performed the required exercise, Then 1 Merk in Cadence. Then to station 2 rinse & repeat only add one merk at each station. Did this to station 6. Once we head back it was OYO. Only had to keeep adding that one more Merk at each station.

Totals 900 yards run with a Cindy, 900 yards without. 132 merks.

Who Played

DoughBoy, Gilligan, Radar, Tumbleweed, Deuce, Flat Tire, Bogey, Mullet, WooHoo, Noodles, Winnie, Keebler, Air Ball, MrE, Footlong, Swabbie, Stripes, Betty Crocker, YHC Honker.

COT: Pledge, Prayer.

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