Capture the “Flag”

It was a warm muggy morning in the gloom, and it was even commented while moseying up to the soccer field that steam had settled in over the entire field.


Typical warmup: SSH/MRN/TTT/Squats/etc…

The Thang

Divided PAX into 2 teams. A 60lb sandbag “Flag” was awarded to each team with instructions to place them at the back of their 1/2 of the field. Rules are simple: Offense crosses the center line trying to capture the opponents Flag. Defense stays behind the center line, chasing the opponents that are on the hunt for the team Flag. If an offensive opponent is on your side of the field and the defense tags them, it’s a 3 Burpee penalty and they must retreat back to their own side of the field before coming back on offense. The goal is to get the opponents Flag back to your own 1/2 of the field. The results of the game was essentially a stalemate because quickly grabbing a 60lb bag and running it 50 yds back to your side was impossible, especially with some defensive PAX standing on top of the bag…NOT FAIR. There were still a lot of Burpees and running. YHC even introduced a 1/2 time show of Acid Frogs to the PAX.



Moleskin: Thanks for participating, This was a lot of fun and YHC is so happy no groins were injured in playing this game.

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