Box Meet Grass

Four braved the gloom with one drive by @stoke on his way to work. @trophy @doobie @soc @teddybear. First responder rule was in effect and forced 15 burpees due to three police eating donuts at the Shell station.

COP: #19-morrocan jacks, grass pickers, side planks, bottom burpees.

Mosey around admin building.

5 rotating stations with die in the middle. F3er in the middle rolled die and completed 4x clean & press at 85lbs while everyone else does their station. Others stations: 145lb deadlift with bar facing burpees, medicine ball throw downs, 20lb wall-ball clean & press, 35lb kettlebell Turkish getup. Completed rotations for 20 minutes.

#rama, Namara, Pledge, announcements, COT.

Everyone encouraged to run Hot Tomale 5k run starting at Jalepenos Saturday morning. St Cat boat trip next Saturday out of Fish Tales.

Feel the shoulder burn!

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