Q vs Q: Betty Crocker vs Doughboy

The F3 Roundtable podcast highlighted another region that created a Q vs Q format workout (F3ENC – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/f3-nation/id1218921251?i=1000415345764). YHC thought it sounded cool. I challenged Doughboy, and immediately knew I had my work cut out for me to beat him.

The format for QvQ is that each Q gets 2 alternating 10 minute blocks to workout. The PAX would have the opportunity to vote after to evaluate the Qs in three categories: Most Creative, Best Motivation, and Best Beatdown. A Google form was created to capture the votes.

After a quick disclaimer, we immediately took off to the soccer field. No time to waste.

The Thang 1 – Betty Crocker

Circle up with a Cindy for each PAX. YHC used the 50th anniversary of the landing on the Moon to reference JFKs iconic speech. While the Aerospace Geek in me is significant, the reference in the speech was the line “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard!” (you’ve got say that with the wicked thick Boston accent of JFK too). That line resonates so much with what F3 has taught YHC. We are either accelerating or decelerating. And rarely does easy lead to accelerating.

So Apollo 11 was the theme. Thang 1 would focus on the pre-launch activities, done together as a team in the circle, and done slow and methodical. 11 reps per exercise to spell SATURN V.

  • Slow & Low Squats with Cindy * 11 in slow cadence
  • Abyss Merkins * 11 in slow cadence – in a circle with Cindy’s between the PAX for the abyss portion
  • Tricep Extensions * 11 in slow cadence
  • Upright Rows * 11 pet side in cadence
  • Ring Around the Rosey – face outward in the circle with block held in front of you. One PAX runs around the outside pushing down on each block. Towards the end had 2 PAX go at the same time.
  • Negative Curls * 11 in slow cadence
  • V-Ups * 11 – Ran out of time for this one

The Thang 2 – Doughboy

A customized Bermuda Triangle. Setup a triangle with Cindy markers about 20 yards apart.

  • Cindy 1 – 10 Start Jack’s
  • Bear Crawl from Cindy 1 to Cindy 2
  • Cindy 2 – 20 Merkins
  • Crab Walk from Cindy 2 to Cindy 3
  • Cindy 3 – 30 American Hammers
  • Bunny Hop from Cindy 3 to Cindy 1

It wouldn’t be the Bermuda Triangle without missing people. Doughboy identified a Sea Monster who would do 7/14/21 reps at each station and transition between stations in the same manner as everyone else. Any PAX that are tagged by the Sea Monster “disappeared” by running to the light pole 50 yards away. Tagging was only allowed during the transition between stations. The Sea Monster would start a station ahead of everyone else and would have to catch up to them before tagging. YHC was identified as the Sea Monster (Doughboy is a jerk!). YHC tagged Stripes, Radar, Honker, and maybe Mullet.

The Thang 3 – Betty Crocker

On to the Launch phase. Workout here was focused on explosive exercises.

11s with Squat Jumps and Merkins Claps (clap at the top of the Merkin). Sprint on the way to the Merkins, mosey back to the squats. Separated by 20 yards to commentate July 20 as the anniversary of the landing.

Brady Bunch flew threw this like he had an actual Saturn V on his back.

The Thang 4 – Doughboy

Circle up, Doughboy said this would primarily be a cardio routine set to music. Started with Y’all Ready For This with Side Straddle Hops.

Up next was the Macarena with 4 count squats during the verse, and 4 counts each of Chinooks/Arm Circles to the side/Moroccan Night Clubs/Air Presses as the motion during the chorus. Clog was starting to get his energy burst at this point and began to show off his dance moves.

Up next was Gangnam Style. Side shuffle clockwise around the circle during the verse, and then side to side hops during the chorus.

Running low on time, DB skipped the next song and went to Wild and Free with high knees kept to the pace of the music. This was exhausting.

Called time on the official workout and QvsQ portion. But, we had a special bonus round …

The Thang 5 – Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed is heading to boot camp on Monday as he enlists with the Coast Guard. This selfless HIM has chosen to serve his country, and we are privileged to call him one of our own. To send him off right, Doughboy called for a 21 burpee salute while the coast guard ballad Semper Paratus played.


Running late, so we skipped names and count. Deuce led us out in prayer and specifically prayed for Tumbleweed as well as Radar and their whole family.

Naked Moleskin

QvsQ was new for us. Doughboy and YHC have already shared some After Action Report thoughts to help improve it. We did go past 615, so the timing and transitions have to be done better. Looking forward to the next QvsQ competition though!

Voting Results

Doughboy dominated on the Creativity, and won Motivation by a small margin. YHC claimed the best beatdown, but all agreed the entire workout was brutal … hopefully fun though. Doughboy gets the first official F3 Pooler QvsQ crown. Congrats DB!

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