Block Bombs

14 pax reported in the gloom on an uncharacteristic “cool” summer morning with temp about 72 degrees and a nice breeze. The weather was a nice break from the hot and humid soup we are used to in the summer months.

Warmup consisted of some warm-up type movements YHC could recall including SSH, Chinooks, etc. Preferred count is always 13 unless YHC counts wrong (a persistent problem as it turns out).

The Thang

First, we departed for a long -long way around to the coupon area with a “black snake” which is a typical Indian run but instead of a straight run to the front, PAX zig zag between men to the front. This ended at the coupons where everybody grabbed a block. Turns out we only needed a block per 2 PAX. See the above note about YHC’s counting ability…

The main workout was a simple B.O.M.B.S routine partner “Dora” style: Blocks were integrated to make it a “block bomb” workout…

30 “Blockees” (burpees with a block lift at the end)

60 Overhead presses (with block)

90 Merkins (decline on block)

120 Block Curls (see what I did there?)

150 Squats with block

Due to persistent mumblechatter about YHC’s extreme use of “running” in previous Qs, timer for the Dora was side shuffle down to the 2nd light pole and backwards shuffle back. Next time you’d rather have running.

Hold Al Gore or plank and wait for the six.

Bonus! Let’s re-do the blockees portion because it was fun!

Return coupons, Mosey back to the flag


Remember the convergence planned at Richmond Hill on August 3rd at JF Gregory Park. 6:00 or 7:00 – still TBD.

FlatTire is organizing a school supplies drive – let him know if you are aware of school teachers of families in need that could benefit.

Don’t miss a VQ on Friday by Bogie!

Pledge, Pray, On your way.

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