Tour de Pooler

Since its too far to drive to France, 14 pax posted for Tour De Pooler.

Disclaimer given (2 FNG’s!) which amounted to YHC rambling about ideas in his head, don’t hurt your self, or the person next to you.


MNC, Chinooks, TTT, Finkle swings, sprinklers, and SSH all IC at random reps. Since it is bicycle day, we performed a Hand release Merkin each time Bicycle was said while playing “Bicycle race” by Queen. He really wanted to ride his Bicycle!

Stage one:

And were off ! Simulate biking with high knees through parking lot until YHC said stop. On your 6 for Freddy mercy IC x 30. This was the flat part of the course.

Stage two:

High knees again following YHC until stop. Bicycle crunches IC x 25. This was rolling hill section of course.

Stage three:

Butt kicks following YHC until back parking lot. 3 Mountain climbers with 1 merkin IC x 15. You guessed it, this was the hill section.

Stage four:

Butt kicks again though the parking lot till stopped. Important part of racing is passing the competition. Pax form single line. Lunge 3 steps. On the after the 3rd step, last pax in line sprints to front of line. Repeats until everyone had a turn leading the pack.


We won so we celebrated by raising our arms in victory with some Jack Webbs. IC up to 5/25.

After party:

Perform 11’s with SSH and jump squats. Mosey back to flag

COT: Pledge and pray that we will be strong leaders.

Moleskin: Welcome FNG’s Fudd and R12! Some say the Freddy Mercs and bicycle crunches are the same. YHC looked it up and says mind your own business. Convergence Saturday at Richmond Hill 0700 at JF Gregory. Bring school supplies and we will donate to a local school. Clog has challenged Swabbie to a Q vs Q Friday in the gloom. I’m sure it will be epic.

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