4Quarter Q

03AUG19 F3 Convergence, JF Gregory Park

26 brave F3ers converged late gloom for a 4Quarter, one hour monster beatdown with huge community fellowship and faith opportunities! Great to see so many 2.0s!

Hats off to Pooler for crushing the school supply challenge! Kudos to Team Shadrach @primary @trophy @armrest @waterboy @Gilligan @hamm for smoking the rest of the field in the time competition!

Welcome and Introductions, brotherhood;
14 x Moroccan Night Club Jacks (4ct IC)
14 x Imperial Walkers (4ct IC)
14 x Walking Alligator Merkins (4ct IC)
14 x MuleKicks or Monkey Humpers (4ct IC)
SPELL CONVERGENCE, all CAPS both feet together. Legups until train passed.

Four Quarters of Excellence.
Divide into four even teams. Name Teams. Shadrack, Mesheck, Abedego, Daniel
15min per Quarter:
Event1: Die x Die
First round: one person rolls two dice. Multiple the two die together = REPS. Each person in team picks a different exercise.
1-Derkin (feet elevated on top of table)
2-Table Step over (both feet must touch ground on both sides)
3-Box Jump (bench seat)
4-American Hammer (2ct with Coupon)
5-Shoulder Tap (2ct alternating)
6-10’ Inch Worm

Once complete with first round, roll one die for exercise, then a second and third die for reps (multiple the second x third die for reps).

Team AMRAP. As many rounds as possible. Count every exercise complete by every individual. Chalk out each number. Total them up prior to leaving; mark on sheet; move to Event2: Crossfit.

Event2: Crossfit 21-15-9 Circuit as a team

Thruster (75#)
Clean/Press (75#)
Coupon Kettlebell Swing
12’ Wall Ball (20#)
100 x Burpee
Mark down Total Team Time (move to Event3: Russian Roulette).

Event3: Russian Roulette

Complete deck of cards as quick as possible.
Joker: 15 REPS, you pick suite; Face Card: 10 REPS; Ace: 15 REPS.

Heart: Full Leg Up (picnic bench, both legs straight must touch ground and all the way up to heaven, STRAIGHTEN THOSE LEGS OUT ALREADY)!
Diamond: Dips
Spade: Plank Jacks
Clubs: Bench Step Ups

Mark down Total Team Time (move to Event4: Highway to Hell).

Event4: Highway to Hell

Start at south end of pavilion. Time starts once first team member steps on bridge (gate of fire). Every team member must complete 50 Air Squat Air Attacks (Air Squat with Overhead Arm Clap at the Top) in the middle of the Gazebo. Run to the Pullup Bars on the Rice Plantation trail; complete a total of 10 pullups for every team member. Move back to Gazebo; complete 50 more Air Squat Air Attacks. Time is complete when all team members have exited the bridge (gate of fire).
Mark down Total Team Time (move to Event1).





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