August Fun Run

21 Pax I am told it was a record. Brady Bunch, Gilligan, Sprout, Noodles, Swabbie, Quikrete, Bogey, Billy-Jenn, Putt Putt, BlueGill, R-12, BC, Foot long, Door Jam, Stripes, Mullet, Back Street, Vegan, Flat Tire, DoughBoy, YHC Honker.

Warm up with Night Clubs, Chinooks, Tunnels, SSH, Walkers. Then we practice waht was to come. LBC, Burpees, Merks, We had a discussion on the correct way to count Mt Climbers. YHC was doing it WRONG.

The Thang

1st station is 10 Burpees and 10 LBC. 2nd station is 20 Block Squats (spelling) 20 LBC. 3rd is 30 Merks 30 LBC. then 40 Mt Climbers and 40 LBC. as many times around as you can in 20 minutes. It was rough for all this morning. 3 of our Band of Brothers choose to have doughboy rope them into wearing Rucks with weight and a weighted vest. Ah the power of persuasion.

Then to Pledge, and COT.. Thanks to all who helped out with the book bag drive. Great job

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