Corners Plus

4 braved the Gloom on a pleasant RH morning, @Doobie @torque @Baggar for a Q by yours truly. Warm up with 20 ea: Moroccan Jack’s, air squat attacks, merkins, and grass pickers. Mosey to astro turf American football fields… Todays thang was all about acceleration and agility drills while hitting all corners of the two football fields: 100 yd karaoke, 100 yd reverse sprint, 50 top-burpees, 50 merkins, football shuttle drills, 50 leg ups, 50 stair climber sets, 50 dips and finish off with 20 pull-ups. CoT, pledge and prayer. Boat day is 9/14 @ 10 am. Great start to the day and week!

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