3-2-1 Dodgeball

Six brave souls defied the gloom for a special training session with Patches O’Hollihan! @trophy @salmonella @shaker @sideshow @teddybear @doobie.

Warmarama: 15 4ct morrocan night Jacks, 15 4ct imperial walkers, 15 4ct Ebby jibbies.

Mosey to lake trail, 100 walking lunges, 50 4ct walking alligator merkins, karaoke, shortcut @salmonella forced a 300m backwards run.

Arrived tennis court with 20 tennis balls outside. Split 3 v 3 nonstop game with 5 burpees for each hit and an additional 5 hand stand pushs every other hit. Only one good head shot from Doobie to Shaker ended this misadventure! All other rules were in accordance to ADAA American Dodgeball Association of America! Dodge duck dive dodge! We looked like Average Joe’s!

Moseyed back, namarama, pledge, COT!

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