Lucky 13

81 with a wet heat index of 89. 14 Pax showed up for a prompt 0530 start–smaller numbers, no doubt, due to YHC’s ominous warning the night before.

Warmups with a disclaimer – dive bombers, 13 Nightclubs, 13 Don Quixotes, 13 Imperial Walkers, and a set of 21s where YHC offered to do 10 burpees if the Pax finished on time. Of course, they did not.

Next was an Indian Run done properly–next man doesn’t head to the front till the guy before reaches the front of the line. Everyone went through once, then cindys were procured for the next step.

In homage to BC’s “elevens” we ran 13’s–burpees at one end, squat-thrusts with the cindy at the other. Start at 12 of one and 1 of the other, then 11 and 2, and so on till 1 and 12. This was even more brutal than elevens, and even worse for Swabbie who wore a ruck.

This was followed by COP with the blocks–curls, overhead presses, and bent-over rows. Stow the blocks, and back to the flag for five (delayed) flyover burpees (totaling 88!), countarama, namearama.

Announcements: Vegan heading back to Montana for the fall, IronPax coming up in September.

Pledge, pray, and on our way.

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