9 Rounds of Pain

August 16, 2019

Conditions: Swampy August morning with temps in the high 70s and nearly 100% humidity.

Warmup consisted of some SSH, some Imperial Walkers and Moroccan Nightclubs, Chinooks, etc. Disclaimer provided.

The Thang

The goal of the workout was to complete 9 rounds of exercises as a group with each round adding another movement. We then moseyed approximately 100yards-ish to re-circle up and complete the next round. The goal was to stay together and pick-up and cover reps for those PAX in the six. In the end we made our way around the back parking lot and back to the flag. 9 rounds consisted of:

  1. 5 burpees
  2. Above + 10 Merkins
  3. Above + 15 LBCs
  4. Above + 20 Dollys
  5. Above + 25 Air Squats
  6. Above + 30 High Knees
  7. Above + 35 American Hammers
  8. Above + 40 Shoulder Presses (aka Raise the Roof)
  9. Above + 50 SSH

Finish at the flag and pledge / pray.


Much mumblechatter about YHC’s seemingly illogical progression of rep count between rounds 8 and 9. Some PAX felt the correct number of SSH should have been 45. Turns out YHCs OCD prefers more strongly to end on a nice round number such as (50) vs. maintain a even progression of rep count, but it did bother me the rest of the day. YHC awarded the Q (10) penalty burpees for this inconsistency.

Epic gets the enthusiasm award (again). FlatTire receives the award for the best impression of an eight year old girl. YHC suspects FlatTire has been working on this for some time.

Lastly, much respect to our PAX that completed this and other workouts wearing a ruck. YHC thinks this is crazy but also kinda awesome. Well done men!

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