Pooler 55 8-21-19

The Warm: 13 Pax met on a some waht cooler day only 79. Radar, Funny Bone, Quikrete, Gilligan, Sprout, FootLong, BC, Door Jam, Doughboy, Noodles, Mullet, Swabbie, And YHC Honker.

Night Clubs, Chinook, Walkers, SSH all in Cadence.

Then we let Sammy Hager tell us why he “Can’t Drive 55” Whil trying to hold Low Plank. Every time Sammy says “I can’t Drive 55” we do 5 Merks. The song is 4 minutes long. We failed at this but our arms and shouldders knew we tried.

The Thang: YHC is turnning 55 tomorrow. So what do you think the cout was. The course was laid out w 5 gallon HD Buckets ( of Course) 55 yards apart. We moseyed to the Cindy’s Can’t be a B-day wiith out her.

Circled up at the starting point. Run to first bucket do 11 WW11 Run to 2nd bucket do 11 Merks, 3rd bucket do 11 Mary Janes (with hands over head please) Back to the start for 11 Blockies. The attempt is to do (5) circuts increasing each exercise by 11 each time. (Not the Blockies we only were going for 55 of them) We got in 4 laps before time go us. Cout was 44 WW11, 44 Merks, 44 Mary Janes and 48 Blockies. As the B-day Q I belive all 13 Pax got wha they came there for.

COT- Pledge and ask to keep Ryan Davis in our prayers.

YCH Honker

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