In the Cards

Arm circles x20 IC, reverse x20 IC
Sprinklers x15 IC
Hairy Rockettes x15 IC
SSH x20 IC
High knees x15 IC
Ballet squats x15 IC

High plank
Shoulder taps x 10 each arm
10 fingertip merkins

On 6, hip up leg raised 20 sec each leg
Flutter kicks x 20 IC
20 LBCs

Mosey to corner
Left peg leg halfway down one side of park, right peg leg remaining half
Sideways run next side of park, switch sides halfway
Backwards run next side
Lunge fourth side of park to complete lap

Mosey to playground
Continuous full extension pull-ups. Move arms only. When you stop or hesitate, drop and hold Al Gore.
1 minute of sit-ups. Arms crossed, feet flat, shoulder blades touch ground every time.
Continuous push-ups. When you hesitate or stop, hold high plank.

Back to flag
Two rounds of each PAX calling exercises while he bear crawled or crab walked around the circle. Exercises called were:
Dry docks
Flutter kicks
Peter Parker push-ups

F3 deck used for remainder of workout
Spring to fence and back
16 [roundabout] hand clap merkins
Lunge to a tree (“Which tree?” “That one.”) and back
25 Smurf Jacks
25 calf raises
17 oblique crunches each side
15 4-count squats
25 dry docks
12 Rosalitas
25 high knees each leg
18 high, slow flutter kicks
17 Heels to Heaven(s)
18 Monkey humpers

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