Couponed B.E.A.S.T.

7 pax made the way on time, @breezy apparently hit the alarm twice hoping to snuggle with bunny but was elbowed out of the fart sack to litteraly show up and park with 10 seconds. No penalties for being late were issued since trophy wasn’t there we were all surprised to see breezy there on his own!

8 pax heard the warning with two FNG’s we rocked out a warmoroma to 24, MNC, DQ, MERKINS

Then moved into coupon collecting to further grease and lube the joints and muscles.

Squats with 60lb sand bag, famers carry, front rotors side arm lifts, American Hammers with a 10lb ball, curls, chest press sand bag, overheard press. One of our FNG’S is sub 10 he participated in all excercises.

The Thang
Moseyed to trash reception, hug knees to first tree line, Alabama kick s to next tree, redline to turf field…
B=burpees 10 every 10 yards 100 total
E=eleven Merkins ever 10 yards 100 total
A=American Hammers 20 every 10 yards 200 total
S= Squats, 20 every 10 yards 200 total
T= Turn ups suicides 10

Mosey back to flag

Prayers for Julie’s ankle, side shows brother and father traveling to retrieve grandmother, BC’s next door neighbor, @Primary leading the Wednesday men’s group

Go do good today

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