9 innings of fun

A record 10 showed up in the cool breezy fall-like gloom for a little tribute to LLWS Louisiana win and baseball, 9 innings of fun! @Salmonella @Trophy @Stoke @Primary @Sideshow @Doobie @Gilligan @TeddyBear @friartuck @snhnichel

Warmarama: morrocan jacks, ebbie Jebbies, imperial walkers, spell Düsseldorf with both feet all capitals.

The Thang: two rounds around the bases for two homeruns.

Starting at home plate.

5 burpees
5 burpees + 10 merkins
Above + 15 legups
Above + 20 plank jacks
Above + 25 air squats
Above + 30 leg crossovers
Above + 35 American hammers
Above + 40 overhead claps
Above + 45 SHH IC 11-45 count silent.

arama namarama, announcements, pledge and COT.

Iron SEP starts Wednesday. Finish strong #soberaugust. @Primary is Q in Wednesday! Kick butt today! Clay and light!

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