Bad Music, Good Times

August 30th, 2019 Backblast

18 Pax posted in the gloom Friday for a Tabata workout designed by Epic, and Q’d by Backstreet.   Tabata is a high-intensity interval training, commonly 20 seconds of exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest.   The Pooler Pax have indicated in the past that this is too easy, so the workout was structured around 30 seconds of exercise, followed by a 10 second rest.   Parallel lines of 8 parking spaces were used, divided into a ‘strength side’ and a ‘cardio’ side.  Each side consisted of 30 seconds exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest times 8 exercises followed by 30 seconds of rest.   During the 30 second rest, sides were switched from strength to cardio, or vice versa.   This routine was repeated 6 times, for a total workout length of 35 minutes.

Strength side:

Merkins, Overhead Presses*, Squats*, Incline Merkins*, Curls*, Decline Merkins, L.B.C.’s, Tricep extensions*  (* = with a coupon, cardio options such as line jumps, Bat-Man crunches, Dollies, Lunge-Jumps, Al Gore, etc. were given for each coupon as an option, in case each station had more than one Pax)

Cardio side:

High-knees, V-Ups, Long-Jump (with a backwards run), 30-second plank, Burpees, Mountain-Climbers, Side-Straddle Hops, and one more that escapes my memory

Controversially, the Tabata Pro App voice prompts were accompanied by a somewhat baleful mix of country, western, folk and gospel music by Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, John Prine, Mac Wiseman, Hank Williams Sr., and Randy Travis.   This caused not a little bit of mumble chatter, mostly from Betty Crocker, who stated positively that ‘anything would be better than this’.   This definite statement opens the doors for future workouts accompanied by Christmas music, polka music, or (as Deuce pointed out), children’s music.  Sounds miserable.  : )

Ya’ll have a good day.


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