It’s My Birthday Q

Conditions were pre-hurricane with some breeze and clouds. We began with 49 SSH IC, MNC, Chinooks, TTT, Windmills, 4-ct Squats, LBCs

The Party Thang

10 Burpees IC, 9 Burpees IC, 8 Burpees IC, 7 Burpees IC. Take a break to shuffle 100 yds out via Karaoke style and backwards run back. Mixed in 19 WWII sit-ups, 15 WWIIs. 6 Burpees IC, finished with 9 Burpees IC completing 49. Added on 15 more WWIIs completing 49. Mosey to picnic tables. Various amounts of Dips and Monkey Humpers, making sure to complete more than 49. Mosey over to the largest set of hills (humps) our AO has to offer. Bear crawl across and 5 Merkins, Crawl Bear back and 5 Merkins. Card Walk across and back, shoulders done. Mosey back to Flag.


Countarama, Namearama, Pledge, and Prayer. Welcome 2 new FNGs, Pacer and Raider. Stay safe with Dorian bearing down! Peace out until next year, when y’all HAVE to respect me!

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