Shoulders Above the Rest

YHC was tired before the workout began and the Disclaimer was apparently lacking in enthusiasm. Once all had been thoroughly disclaimed, we rolled right into a shoulder routine.

MNC, Chinooks (reversed), Lower the Roof, Little Arm circles, and Raise the Roof. Through the Tunnel(s), LBC, Merkins, and Squats.


Pick up cindy and move to field. Begin with 11s: Kettlebells with Curls. Mumblechatter was low but YHC heard a little grumbling which was great to hear. Next was a modified Jack Web. 11s: Merkins on the block with Overhead Press. The order was important because the was a lot of grunting and comments that the other way would have been worse. All worked together and when completed, a quick mosey to the light pole and back for a movie themed inspired routine. YHC saw Lion King and thought we should Squat with Block thrusting up into an Overhead Press, 20OYO. Next was bent over rows, 20 each arm so as to keep even. Lined up for Dora (another movie coming soon). Partner 1 Farmer Carry 2 blocks to light pole. Partner 2 does 100 BIg Boi Sit-ups, 200 American Hammers, 300 LBCs. Flip flop as Partner 1 returns. Returns coupons and perform 1 ceremonial pull-up.


Countarama, Namearama, Pledge, Prayer

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