Sprint to 100

Just 3 Pax in the never ending Savannah humidity performed a standard Daffin work out. Started with COP with a series of exercises to a IC count of 20. MOseyed to the picnic tables to sets of dips, step-ups and irkins. Moseyed by the pond to the tennis courts. Core of the workout with sprints across the three tennis courts and back followed by with increasing sets (10+20+30+40=100). Started with big boy sit-ups, followed by squats and ended with merkins.

Mosey back to the picnic tables for a final set of dips. Then moseyed to retrieve coupons for Wednesdays IronPax at hull. Ended with 40 Freddie Mercury IC.

Announcement included plans for IronPax week 2 Wednesday. YHC with bring some to hull for those in need. Discussion of our missing flag. Hamm???

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