9/11 Memory Maker

9/11 Memory Maker

Four dared the gloom @trophy @primary @sideshow @doobie

@trophy completed warmarama: morrocan plank Jacks, plank Jack’s, 4ct merkins.

The Memory Maker: 911 reps total, 460 with Cindy.

4 corners with Cindy: 115 reps per corner.

1 and 3 corner: 50 cindy overhead press, 30 american hammers, and 35 big boy situps.

2 and 4 corner: 50 cindy incline merkin, 30 cindy swing, and 35 big boy situps.

100 curb calf raises.

100 overhead air press.

100 LBC.

100 overhead claps.

51 curb dips.

Bible study tonight 6:45pm at RHUMC led by @primary and @loveseat.

Boat trip this Saturday. @trophy Q Friday. IronPaxQ wk2 Saturday 6-7am. Get some Meatloaf’s Massacre!

Namarama, pledge, COT. Miss ya big dog @salmonella both @breezy and @stoke choked alarm operations this morning.

Keep all 9/11 families, first responders and GWOT fighters in your thoughts and prayers today! #neverforgotten911

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