#2977 September 11 Tribute

Warm-o-rama:  Michael Phelps with disclaimer, little baby arm circles IC, finkle swings IC, Chinooks IC, Imperial Walkers IC.  YHC knew a lot of us did the IronPax workout #2 recently so why not finish our warm up by doing a modified version of Bring Sally Up?  Start out doing merkins, following the song for up and down cues.  Once you can’t do anymore merkins, then move to squats following the up/down cues.  If you can’t do any more squats then get on your six to do leg raises up to vertical and down to 6″ during the song cues.  Yeah, that was fun and Two Pack gets the merkin award of the day.

We had one FNG, welcome Paul.  During the disclaimer we reviewed the 5 core principles of F3 for our FNG.  YHC did not get a chance to participate in a 9/11 Tribute workout this past week so that was the theme today – remember the 2977 lives lost.  Everyone remembers where we were and what we were doing on that day in history.  And it’s our duty to keep the memory of how our world changed for those that were born afterwards.  YHC shared his personal account that day while stationed overseas and trying to make sense out a now very uncertain world.  Again, the theme for today’s workout…remember the 2977.

For the number 2:  Modified Indigenous People Run around the oak grove.  PAX in the back would drop and do 5 burpees and then sprint to front of line.  The next person in the back would then do their burpees before sprinting to the front.  Rinse and repeat until everyone had an opportunity to do 2 sets of burpees.

For the number 9:  Played catch me if you can – partnered up.  Partner 1 runs backwards while partner 2 does 5 big boy sit-ups then chases down partner 1. Switch positions.  Rinse and repeat across the field for 9 rounds.

For the number 7’s:  YHC brought from the Pooler AO a modified version of the quarter pounder.  The pee-wee football field was set up for us to make it a little easier.  Run 1/4 of the total field distance and do 7 merkins.  Run backwards to the start and do 7 LBCs.  Run half of the field and do 7 squats.  Run backwards to start and 7 LBCs.  Run 3/4, 7 mountain climbers, then backwards to start, 7 LBCs.  Run full length of field, 7 SSHs, then backwards to start, 7 LBCs.

After #2977 complete we reflected on the 102 minutes between the first attack to the final collapse of both twin towers.  Since we already did 90 collective burpees as a group during the Indigenous People Run everyone fulfilled the balance by doing 12 burpees on their own.  Side note, Doughboy is offering his tax prep services for anyone interested.  We moseyed back to the flag for a little Mary:  American Hammers IC and Dugout led Boat/Canoes.

Announcements:  Reminder about 2nd-F event that Shaker and Primary are graciously coordinating at their Pool/Clubhouse on Sat, 9/21.  M’s and 2.0’s welcome.  Also, some mumblechatter about Savannah AO hosting the next convergence.  Details TBA.

Count-off, Name-o-rama, and bestowing F3 nickname:  Please welcome Paul AKA “F3 Scrum”.  He’s active Army and transitioning from OOT to the Savannah area, where his M already is working as an Air Defense officer.  He’s a big rugby fan and plays a back or wide position to avoid cauliflower ear…sounds like a smart guy too.  Welcome to the F3 family, Scrum!

Pledge, pray, and on our way (some to other obligations, some straight to the Breakfast Place to grub).  Thanks fellas for the opportunity to Q today!!!  –YHC Bogey out

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