7 + 2FNG posted, 9 finished! It was not pretty, it was not clean, it was not purgeless, but it was real! After a short warmarama, the hurt locker began. 4rds for time, upward ladder: 10 cindy manmakers, 20 cindy overhead press, 30 cindy swings, 40 cindy goblet squats, and 50 incline cindy merkins; downward run; 1600m, 1200m, 800m and 400m.

Named two FNG, Kyle aka @Pabbit for merlot splashing while running really fast. Other FNG from California Cristen Peterson aka @stripes for her love of Zebra jerky!

Prayed for Wednesday night Men’s bible study at RHUMC 6:45, be there!

Open invit Sunday night lights soccer turf2 devaul henderson park 6:30pm. 3F pool party hosted by @shaker laurel grove next Saturday!

No boat trip today.

Keep it real! Sunrise cafe coffeteria!

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