Daffin Park 9/16/19

To avoid working on the shirt idea I promised months ago, this is what we did.

SSH x30 IC
Hairy Rockettes x20 IC
Ballet squats x20 IC
Sprinkers x15 IC

High plank:
Peter Parker stretches x20 each leg OYO
Leg raises x15 each leg OYO
Shoulder touches x10 each OYO
Fingertip Merkins x10
Mountain climbers x20 IC
Low plank – clockwise share of favorite song
Pickle Pounders x10 IC
Left elbow plank – CW share of fave fast food
20 leg swings OYO
Right elbow plank – CW share of fave childhood vacation spot
20 leg swings OYO

Grab blocks and to the field
Out in up down x15 OYO
Block crawl halfway across field

Alternating side push-ups x5 each side
Block ballet squats x20

Farmer carry around pole to playground
Blocks down
Merry go round CW 180
Merry go round CCW 180
Swerkins to fatigue
Farmer carry back to pole
Race back to cage carrying blocks

On 6 w blocks OYO:
Presses x20
Situps x20 or crunches x40
American Hammer x10 each side

At flag
ROF legs at 6 while PAX 5 situps

Forgot to do Count- and Name-O-Rama, but did end with COT.

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