Pearls before you hurl

7 Pax posted for a little tour of Pooler with pearls along the way

Warmed up with some MNC, Sprinklers, Chinooks, TTT, Don Quixote In cadence. Let’s Mosey

First stop was 20 Hand release Merkins. Let’s mosey some more. 20 Hand release Merkins and 30 SSH. Mosey some more. Pax starting to see the pattern. By now were outside the AO, 20 Hand release Merkins, 30 SSH, 40 LBC’s, Mosey to the car wash. 20 Hand release Merkins, 30 SSH, 40 LBC’s, 50 Plank Jacks. Mosey back dropping a exercise at each stop. Mosey to the coupons.

Partner up for Cindy Dora. 100 Curls, 200 elf on shelf (ridiculous) , 300 Squats with Cindy. Ran short on time so had to stop before everyone finished. Mosey back to the flag for flutter kicks.

Pledge, pray and on our way.

Good to see Noodles EH is 2,0 FNG. We named him Sherman, . The Saturday AO will succeed with strong HIM’s supporting it like this group.

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