Communist Sporting

Five dared the sweltering gloom: @shaker @rx @chop @stoke @ doobie YHC.

COP: 4ct squat jumps, plank hold variations, SSH IC, 4 150m sprint intervals.

Thang: 20min As Many Kicks As Possible. Diamond-shaped coupon bases about 50m apart. PAX ONE soccer ball each. Kick soccer ball to any of the other three coupons. Three choices to get to base: walking lunge, standing long jump, or 180degree side jumps. Once arrive at base (coupon), 5 abdominal reps per step between base and ball plus one merkin per kick. Count up total number of kicks in 20 minutes. Most wins the golden boot award!

#rama, namarama, favorite restaurant in RH, pledge COT.

Pray for @sideshow and @flash just started basic today at Fort Benning!

Bible study back on for tonight. 6:45 at RHUMC.

Trophy has Q Friday. Convergence 0630 sat at Forsyth park playground!

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