Nuttin’ Fancy…Just a Little Dora

We had 8 PAX show up this morning. YHC remembered to wear shoes. It felt like a good morning for some Dora…so that’s what we did.

Attendees: Twopack, Duckhead, Big Brother, Capt Cheese, Matlock, Guppy, Funyons, Red Ryder


Brief announcement about the importance of attending next weekend’s convergence, disclaimer was given and off we went.

MNC I/C x 15
Chinooks I/C x 20
Windmill I/C x 15
TTT I/C x 15
Merkins I/C x 15
LBCs I/C x 15


Indian Run one lap around park

Stopped at pull up bars and partnered up for a ladder to 11 with pull ups and push ups.

Mosey back to flag for some Dora. Partnered up for 100 push ups, 200 LBCs and 300 squats. Partner 1 bear crawls for a distance and lunges back…then flapjack and repeat until all reps are done. (for anyone interested, we did 105 push ups this morning…if you did your half of Dora…which YHC was unable to do)


Prayers for Matlock’s cancer surgery and treatment and for Guppy’s family after the loss of his M’s grandfather.

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