Stacks of 5’s 10-4-19

11 Pax enjoyed a great friday Gloom: Dougboy, Door Jam, Quikrete, Backstreet, Dpic, Mullet, Noodles, Swabbie, R12, DQ, YHC (Honker)

Warm Up: Rocken Night Clubs, Chinooks, Merks, SSH. No Burpees because YHC was Q so we Did Not do the No count deal. Mosey to the Cindy Farm.

The Deal:

Had (2) 5 gallon buckets set up ( Of course I did) One from Lowes one form HD

HD Bucket was for the Cindy’s All exercises were 5 Reps; WWII, Blockies, WWII, Kettle Bells, WWII, Clean & Press, WWII. Run to the pole about 100 yards each way. Lowes Bucket: Body weight WWII, SSH, WWII, Hands off Merks, WWII, Peter Parkers, WWII Back to the pole. Rinse / Repete for 22 Minutes.

Back to the flag; A little boat / canoe because we did not get enough core, that is waht DQ said. Pledge / COT

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