Circuit Work It

Six dominated the crisp Gloom; @friartuck @stoke @rx @salmonella @soc YHC @doobie.

Warm: #oftheday=11. Morrocan night club Jack’s, SSH, mule kicks oyo, merkins oyo. Moseyed to tennis courts.

Hot: 2 circuits, 4 stations-1min handstand merkins, clean&press 95#, 45# plate overhead press, burpee wallballs.

Red Hot: 10min game of tennis ball Dodgeball continuous, 5 burpees every time hit. Moseyed back to Admin bldg. 11 heels to heaven, 11 legups, 11 hello dolly’s.

Extremely Red Hot: #/namarama; pledge; COT. Keep @loveseat and @sal6in your prayers. @salmonella will Q tomorrow for those in town 0600 admin bldg!

Have a blessed and productive weekend!

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