Daffin Workout 10/12/19 – Captain Cheese (feat. TwoPack)

Warmup by TwoPack

On 6:
Toe taps x20 IC
American Hammers x20 IC

Plank dogs on my call
Mountain climbers x20 ic
Low plank
Plank jacks x20 OYO
Pickle pounders x20 OYO
Supermans on my call

20 Heel jumps
20 Squats
20 Jump squats
Squat walk in circle x2

High plank
4-count merkins (down, hold, up, hold) on my call
10 dry docks
5 shoulder touches each arm
Bear crawl in circle

Flutter kicks x20 OYO
Box cutters x15 OYO
Straight leg reverse crunch x20 OYO
Reverse plank
Single leg bridges on my call
Crab walk around circle x2
Dead bug on my call

Line up in field:
20 slap-the-ground squats
20 broad jumps
20 walking lunges
20 split jacks

Mosey back to start
Boo Boo Bear Crawl Merkins (one leg always off the ground) x10
High knee back to start

20 slap-the-ground squats
20 walking lunges
20 split jacks
Mosey back to circle

Left side plank
20 hip dips OYO
20 leg swings OYO
Right side plank
20 leg swings OYO
20 hip dips OYO

The F3 Deck determined the rest of the workout

Count, Names, Announcements, Prayer (forgot to pledge again)

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