The rain in Pooler falls mainly on the PAX

Conditions: Rainy, with some lightning that was 3-5 miles away. We risked it. Temps about 65 deg.

YHC was accused once of not adhering to the core principles because it was raining. Most PAX didn’t post that day, and so Flat Tire, Backstreet, and I jointly decided to go workout in the Y basketball gym. The accusation was fair, Core Principle #3 was not implemented. But the leadership of F3 Pooler at the time had clearly not transferred that Core Principle to us newbies at the time. And since they didn’t post, they didn’t have the ability to influence our decision.

YHC wasn’t about to let that happen again today, but it is noted that Flat Tire, Backstreet, Doughboy, and many others chose not to post today. Was it the rain? Was it being out of town? Was it another excuse? Guess they’ll have to live knowing they missed a great workout.


On your 6! Legs at 6 inches during disclaimer. Clearly all are on board with dumb suggestions since we were lying on our backs in cold water while watching some pretty sweet cloud-to-cloud lightning. All were doing so at their own risk.

Proceed through some 90 deg, 60 deg, 30 deg positions of the legs

4 count squats * 15 IC, T^3 * 15 IC

The Thang

Indian Run around the back lot to the Coupon Repository. Grab 1 cindy per PAX. Honker’s 2 cups of coffee and 5 hour energy kicked in during this.

Mosey to the Y soccer field. Do 5 flyover burpees.

Since it was still raining, we had to do the Tunnel of Love. Went about 30 yards … enough for each PAX to army crawl through the mud 3 times.

Circle up with the Cindy’s. YHC wanted to focus on form for some basic workouts. Rep count didn’t matter, we would do the following exercises slowly, until YHC decided we could rotate to the next one.

  • Squats with cinder block – thighs parallel, back straight
  • Lunges – not long strides, forward knee just over front toes, back knee about 1” off the ground
  • Straight leg deadlifts with Cindy – back straight, don’t bend knees
  • Abyss Merkins – circle up the cindy’s, merkins in the gaps, go low for that chest stretch, full extension on the way up
  • Monkey Humpers – form was simply not look any other PAX in the eyes during the routine

We did this twice through. Reps didn’t matter, but were around 15-20 per exercise. The rain stopped at some point. Kind of wished it had kept coming down.

Return the cindy’s. 5 more flyover burpees, then Indian Run back to the flag.


Countarama, Namearama, Pledge, Prayer

Let’s prepare to support the F3 Impact Challenge across all of F3, led by our own Flat Tire. Listen to the podcast from over the weekend, and start coming up with #3rdF ideas.

Rely on your brothers. There are always things that we may not want to share, but don’t go through the struggle on your own.

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