No Nestor Here!

YHC figured we would get some rain and wind this morning, but maybe it will come much later in the day. In the 60’s with a light drizzle. Betty Crocker, R-12 (coming in on two wheels), Clog, and YHC Bogey met in the gloom for the beat down.

Warm-O: Plank w/ disclaimer and a few dive bombers, threw in some Moroccan night clubs, raised arms up for a few Chinooks, and finished up with in cadence Hillbilly’s. Flyover rule was in effect.

The Thang: The idea for today’s workout was a modified string of pearls. But with every movement you have to use a Cindy. As we stop along our journey we did a strength exercise and followed it up with an ab/core exercise. Depending on the strength movement all PAX tried to do as many reps as possible for a minute, and then start right into the ab/core reps right after incorporating the Cindy. The 8 stations along our coupon-carrying route were:

  1. Strength – Lion Kings; Ab/Core – Flutter Kicks
  2. Kettlebell Swings; American Hammers
  3. Colt 45s; LBCs
  4. Blockees; Plank Jacks
  5. Walking Lunges; Hello Dolly’s
  6. Wayne’s World; Reverse Crunch
  7. Bent Over Rows; Box Cutters
  8. Around the Worlds; Freddy Mercury’s

We ended up moseying with Cindy on this string of pearls all the way to Pooler Parkway and back. Should be around a mile maybe while carrying the coupon. After putting the Cindy’s away we headed back to the flag start area and finished up our hour of togetherness with Moby’s song Flowers. Awesome mumble chatter when YHC started the music. Bring sally up and down in the pushup position and once you can no longer do pushups you switch to squats instead. R-12 showed off his skills and was the last man standing doing pushups. Nice job, you get a reward of doing more burpees.

Number sound off, names, and announcements. We joked about how awesome the F3 Impact Challenge video turned out. Getting a lot of love on F3 Nation podcasts for the effort…way to lead Flat Tire! Our small group this morning did some brainstorming on ideas for the first two-week challenge. We got this fellas and would be great to get creative and show other regions how to make a difference.

Naked moleskin: We did have one Cindy casualty. During one of the exercise stops, BC gently placed the coupon beside himself on the ground and it exploded into smaller pieces. Never seen anything like it. Or maybe BC’s grip strength was so strong the Cindy just disintegrated. Either way, he gets a burpee penalty for sure. Lastly, all PAX have a homework assignment and need to watch Wayne’s World. We were lacking today on best quotes from that movie.

Pledge, pray, and on our way. Enjoy the rain today!

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