Leg Day

Warm up

Side Straddle Hops

Don Quixote

Thru the tunnel

4-count squats


Mosey to picnic benches

Balanced lunges x10 IC ea leg

Calf Raise x30 OYO

Move to pull up bar

Pax 1 does 10 OYO pull ups, Pax 2 does 20 OYO push ups…switch

Mosey to bleachers

Box jumps x10 OYO

Step ups x20 OYO ea leg

Dips x30 OYO


Mosey to field

Leg wreckers – Split up Pax about 25-30yards apart.  Pax 1 holds Al Gore while Pax 2 crosses doing LT Dans (Squat, 2 lunges and merkin)…switch – 2 rounds

Mosey to corner of park

Lateral run to next corner flipping half way.

Lunge half way and backwards run to next corner

More calf raises at bleachers

Mosey to flag

Three way lunges x5 IC each leg

Partner wall squats 30secs

Mary and ceremonial burpee


Pledge, prayer

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