The Half Murph

YHC and Clog met up in the gloom for a modified Murph workout. Since DQ ran us yesterday we decided to skip the two 1-mile runs the Murph traditionally calls for.

We warmed up with hillbilly’s, little baby arm circles, TTT’s, SSH’s, and some other ones YHC is probably forgetting. Mosey’d over to the YMCA playground to do some isolation movements using a good ole fashioned swing set. First, grabbing the swing seat and pulling yourself up and lowering keeping your back as straight as possible. Then getting in a plank position with feet on the swing seat and hands on the ground, bring feet forward similar to a reverse crunch. Next, we did Bulgarian single leg squats with the opposite leg in the swing seat, and then switched legs.

Once the warm up was done, we moved to the pull-up area for the dreaded Half Murph. So instead of 100 pull-ups, 200 merks, and 300 squats, we did half of each exercise. Since YHC is terrible at pull-ups we kinda made the decision after a few sets that 100 pull-ups wasn’t going to happen. Thanks to Clog for the push and the assist, much respect.

After the Half Murph, we moseyed over to pick up some Cindy’s and do arm curls, squat thrusters, flutter kicks holding Cindy in the air above your head, and finished up with some American hammers.

Did the pledge and prayed for the families of the Ft. Stewart soldiers that lost their lives and also those that were injured during the tank accident on base. Clog will be bringing more boxes to Monday’s workout for the Christmas Child project.

Naked moleskin: Clog and YHC reflected on how this is probably how a lot of F3 groups get started, with minimal PAX. We’re blessed to have the numbers we have and to also seek ways to EH other men who could benefit from F3. Clog and YHC are believers in what the 3 F’s provide for us and will continue to pay it forward. Have a great weekend Gents!

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