Farmer Dora with a curtsy.

Mid 60 degree temps. Summer just wont let go. 13 pax posted and kicked of the week off like a boss.

Disclaimer given. SSH, TTT, MNC, Chinooks, Sprinklers, warmed us up. Mosey to the cindys. Deuce asked if YHC had a matching pair of gloves for each workout shirt. Pretty sure he’s jealous. He left his Ranger panties at home today.

Circle up. Curls IC x 20, Overhead press IC x 20, Squats IC X 20. All with Cindy’s. Honker picked the heavy block to show how tough he is. Now were really warm.

Partner up for Dora. As a team complete 100 hand release Merkins, 200 plank jacks, 300 curtsy squats per leg. (600 total) One pax doing the exercise, One pax farmer carries cindys to tree in parking lot, performs 25 SSH and returns. I wonder if Dora had strong hips?

Running short on time, we finished the reps and moseyed back to the flag. One round of Dollies and we’re done. Good work men.

Continue to work on the Impact challenge. Clog is collecting boxes and materials for the Samaratins purse. Bogey has contacted Pack Savannah (Backpack Buddies) and they are in need of help with shelving install for their new building. Reach out if your willing to help.

Pledge, pray, and on the way.

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