Dealers Choice

13 PAX posted in the gloom of a soggy but clearing 67° Wednesday morning.

Off in the distance we heard the sounds of several PAX who posted early to help out Betty Crocker get to an early morning meeting.

We warmed up with several exercises, but capped it off by nailing 21’s. We confirmed the weak link in counting accurately…lol. We then mossied around the parking lot with an Indian Run and Railroad Tracks thrown in to end up back at the flag. We then brought out the cards and did a dealers choice of exercises based upon the suit and number of the card drawn by each PAX on a counter rotational basis. The categories were cardio, legs, upper body and core. Concluded with the count, name, pledge and prayer.

If no access is available to out parking lot on Friday morning, we will park in the Y and circle up thereabouts.

Happy Hump Day y’all!

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