This is my Cindy…

…there are many like it, but this one is mine. My Cindy is my best friend. It is my life…

Ok, so not quite like the movie Full Metal Jacket but you get the point. This workout consisted of doing exercises with a Cindy. Take the Cindy with you everywhere. Be one with the Cindy, you pukes.

But first, the disclaimer and the warm-o-rama which may have consisted of planks with a few dive bombers. Single Leg Squats, Arm Swing Swimmers, and Butt Kicks finished us off. Then YHC played the Full Metal Jacket version (clean) of the Rifleman’s Creed. Every time Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says “Rifle” we drop down and do a burpee. While we aren’t doing burpees we are doing side straddle hops.

Afterwards, mosey’d to pick up our Rifles…errr I mean Cindy’s. We headed towards the back parking lot and back and did the following exercises as a pair. The Cindy was used in each rep in each exercise, except for LBC’s as I forgot to mention it.

  • Lion Kings, Flutter Kicks
  • Kettlebell Swings, American Hammers
  • Colt 45’s, LBC’s
  • Blockees, Plank Jacks
  • Lawn Mowers, Dollies
  • Derkins, LBC’s
  • Tricep Extensions, Freddy Mercs

We mosey’d for a little while then stop and do the exercises. Ended up making a lap around the back parking lot and back to the Cindy storage area. Then we finished off the workout with monkey humpers followed by a sprint back to the flag.

Announcements: meeting with Pooler Rec/City about possible installation of a pull up and dip station at our AO. Don’t forget to turn in your Christmas Child shoeboxes, need them by Fri.

Prayer request: keep our F3 Brother Quikcrete in our thoughts and prayers as he had an accident at his home the other day.

Don’t forget…My Cindy, without me is useless. Without my Cindy, I am useless…

Pledge, COT, and dismissal.

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